TamCare has been handling our building maintenance for almost eight years. Beside the normal daily office cleaning performed by TamCare they also provide annual services of deep cleaning our carpets, polishing and waxing our floors all without any interruption to our staff. They are very accommodating and will always work with us when scheduling special projects.

TamCare is dependable and we rely on their services to maintain a safe and clean environment for our employees.

Anna Carter
Slaton Insurance

I've been a Property Manger for 24 years and have worked with several janitorial services. Most of them were difficult contracts to manage, requiring constant oversights and continuous complaints about their service. I manage large multi-tenant office buildings and I rely on my janitorial service to provide a top quality of service consistently required by the properties. TamCare by far is the best I have ever worked with. They have been providing superior service to the properties I oversee since 2007. They are quick to respond to any issues or extra tasks that need immediate attention. The owner and management have multiple ways to get in contact with them if special needs are required. Their employees area always polite, well dressed and seem to really enjoy working for their company.

Andrew Deitz,President
Deitz Realty Company

TamCare has been servicing the shopping centers we manage in the Palm Beach area for over 12 years. They have always provided us with exceptional employees, who always get the job done, without having to be watched or corrected. The have a clear scope of work to get our centers clean and I don't think I have ever had to complain about their work. They are prompt, conscientious and they inform me when they see issues that need my attention

i would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a cleaning company.

Debbie Atterbury
Bruce Strumpf, Inc.

TamCare has been handling every aspect of our janitorial, marble care, pressure washing and light duty maintenance needs for the past several years across multiple properties and types. In that time frame I have been approached more times than I can recall by their competitors, but never by the same representative twice, by contrast the supervisors and all of the other management contacts I have at TamCare have remained the same. This means more familiarity with my cleaning needs and greater consistency in how they manage the crews when at my locations. Whenever I have had an issue it's been quickly resolved and to my satisfaction. Any special tasks or emergencies are handled in a timely and professional manner and the lines of communication stays open. TamCare earns my business each year but remains one of those very few vendors that I don't have to give much consideration to changing each year.

Hans C. Kahlert
Karl Corporation