Janitorial and Porter Services

Cleaning Terrace
Green Products
Whether it’s wiping fingerprints off the front door, keeping the restrooms clean, or picking up trash from your parking lot, we are there day and night to make sure your facility is clean, safe and welcoming.

Our daytime porter service will keep up with the more frequent tasks necessary to insure that fresh look that’s noticed when it’s missing — emptying overflowing wastebaskets, removing smudges from glass surfaces, re-supplying the restrooms. Overnight, our janitorial service will do all the porter services plus those once-a-day tasks like dusting wall hangings and furniture, cleaning walls and hallways, and making the restrooms spotless.

Of course, if you prefer, we can also provide our janitorial service during the day to save the energy and expense of keeping the building lit overnight.

Green Cleaning and Sustainability

We are not latecomers to Green Cleaning. We have been providing this since 2001. Our program includes:

▪ Green and Energy Star Equipment
▪ Green Sealed and Green Earth Cleaning Products
▪ Waste Recycling
▪ Reduced Water Usage
▪ Extensive Training for Our Staff

The benefits include a healthier environment for your employees, visitors and our cleaning staff while protecting the environment for our children. It has also been shown to increase tenant retention.